Zero Waste Fest Branding

Zero Waste Fest is a nature-friendly event that invites everyone interested in environmental topics, climate change, a more sustainable lifestyle, active leisure and a healthier lifestyle to come together. The festival gathers not only those who live more sustainably, but also those who are just starting to take an interest in.

© Aivaras Bakanauskas

The Zero Waste Fest logo is made of the cycle symbol “the loop", which symbolizes sustainability, the recycling of different products or materials and their reusability.

In order to give the logo uniqueness a dynamic symbol was created, which can have many different variations. The different objects that appear in the shape of the logo symbol remind us of the multiple use and recycling of objects or materials.

Stretched forms of objects communicate about the durability of different materials and the possibility of reusing them many times. From plastic bottles or the overuse of materials in the fashion industry to food products. All these symbols encourage us to use them sustainably and save the Earth's resources.

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