BOD Lenses

Bod Lenses is the most modern and largest factory for customized eyeglass lenses in the Baltic region and Eastern European countries. 2015 Launched in Guopstai, Trakai district in the beginning of the 20th century, the RX Lens Laboratory successfully manufactures and distributes the latest generation of personalized lenses for customers in Lithuania and throughout Europe.

Collaboration with Imagine.

The first word of the brand name is transformed into a modular system of identical semicircles. The semicircles symbolize lenses, their combinations create "BOD" word and also a simple, well-remembered icon that becomes the main focus of the logo.

Logo has two variations. One variation for different format usage and small sizes. And the other (main) logo with bright & blur principle on the semicircles. The blur (out of focus) effect and color transitions are used to visualize this idea in all the visual identity.

More on how it's done!

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