Limited Winter Edition Beer Bėganti Kopa Label Design
Label design and graphic pattern was inspired by Lithuanian seaside and most beautiful seaside place - Kuršių Nerija. Nature surrounded by water, unique sand dunes and villages heraldics made from seafaring alphabets were the inspiration to create Bėganti Kopa winter limited edition beer label. But most important source of inspiration are unique and only in Kuršių Nerija founded weather vanes. The forms of weather vane are repeated in the label shape and graphics.

Collaboration with NotPerfect & Paulius Montvydas.
Kuršių Nerija weather vanes were created in 1844 as a consequence to fishing limitations. Each village was assigned to its unique geometric forms and colours with intense contrast. Every fishing ship had his own weather vane on the top of ship stem so it could be recognised in the sea.
According to geometric shapes and colours nature protection patrols can easily recognise that the ship fishing in the right territory or in the other rural waters. Every fisherman used to improve his weather vane adding unique elements, forms or characters that had a specific symbolic meaning. Later on, weather vanes graphics had become the main heraldic symbols of the villages of Kuršių Nerija.

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