Tauragė 2023 - Lithuanian Capital of Culture

The vision of the Capital of Culture is to promote Tauragė as a city that embraces its history and is open to residents and guests from all over the world, with a culturally active community and creatively empowered youth.

Tauragė - "Customs of culture" will remind you that the city is not only located in the border zone, but cultural exchanges have been taking place here since ancient times: the borders of Lithuanian ethnographic regions and transit routes crossed here.

The history and development of the city of Tauragė is inseparable from the road. And it doesn't matter which way we travel - land, sea or air. Tauragė cultural customs 2023 will invite you to look back at the path of the past, travel together along the path of the Community, admire the path of the World, take a brief look at the path of the Future and admire the Green path.

The department of culture and customs will make it possible to travel without seat belts, surveillance cameras, strict checks or taxes.

Video production: Wide Wings

© Aivaras Bakanauskas

The logo is made up of 5 stylized letters and numbers representing 5 different paths: past, fellowship, world, future and the green path. All these paths in minimalist expression have their own different twists and different character, which will be revealed even more widely in the visual identity.

5 different roads integrated into neat typography symbolize integration into the modern, innovative city of Tauragė, freedom and departure from regular and strict forms. All this gives the capital of
culture freedom and creative directions for new discoveries and fellowship.

The graphic language concept symbolizes urban community, integration into 5-way development and creative freedom. Communication tools convey the integration of 5 different paths and
the continuity of the graphic language and logo concept. All communication tools perform their
function by allowing easy creation of new versions and prioritization of textual information.

Logo has two variations. One variation for different format usage and small sizes. And the other (main) logo with bright & blur principle on the semicircles. The blur (out of focus) effect and color transitions are used to visualize this idea in all the visual identity.

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